The Leadership Ledge

Posted on 11/19/2012 by Kathleen Mixon in Leadership

I know what you are probably asking yourself right now. Did she really mean to name her blog "The Leadership Ledge"?

Surely it should be the leadership edge — she can talk about cutting edge leadership and how to attain it. Or maybe even the leadership pledge — stop what you are doing right now and pledge to be a better leader.

I chose the title "The Leadership Ledge" because if you are like me you feel like you are walking on a narrow ledge while trying to balance your leadership responsibilities and managing the mundane parts of your life as well. One wrong step and you might fall off that tightrope called leadership.

Of course, we all have missteps and for the most part our ability to lead stays intact if we handle those slip ups well. One thing I keep in mind when I am going out on a narrow ledge, which are the times that put a little risk in my routine, is to be prepared for any problems that could crop up along the way. Take the time to think of issues before they arise and how you will handle them. If I really stumble, I take responsibility for the problem and step up with a solution. You can maintain your credibility if you are sincere and willing to fix what you mess up.

With this blog I plan to explore leadership from different angles and shed some light on this somewhat illusive skill that most people can develop with the right resources, time and willingness to work hard.